Faces of Kathmandu


In 1992 I left Australia travelling to Nepal and beyond. This was the first time I had ever travelled outside Australia.

I knew very little about Nepal at the time and what to expect. Riding in the taxi ride from the Tribhuvan International Airport to Kathmandu’s Thamel district my eyes were opened. I felt as though I was on a different planet, not a different country and a million miles from the suburban life I knew. 

Having returned to Nepal since my first trip I have seen many changes over 25+ years with exception of the people. The Nepalese are some of the kindest and most welcoming people living in a harsh environment with little facilities compared to those in a first world country.

This series of photos captures the many faces of the Nepalese living, working and commuting in the capital city of Kathmandu. It was photographed over a period of 5 consecutive days in 2018.

In many of these photos, the subject is in deep thought making their way through Kathmandu’s hustle and bustle.

The perspective I took when taking this series of photos was to be seen and open. Standing in the one location where the subject can see that I am taking photos.