Pashupatinath Temple


Located in Kathmandu, Pashupatinath Temple is one of the most sacred temples in Nepal. It is Hindu tradition to be cremated. Pashupatinath Temple located on the banks of Bagmati River is regarded as one the holiest places in Nepal.

This series of photos captures some of the steps involved in the cremation process. The body is carried down to the river where it is dipped 3 times in the water. In the interim wood is carefully prepared and stacked ready for the body to be placed on by the cremator.

The main mourner must be a male and usually the first son of the deceased. The main mourner along with other key male family members will have their heads shaved and clothing changed into traditional holy attire before conducting a praying ritual around the deceased. The main mourner will then light the fire and the cremation process begins.

It takes about 4 hours for the body to be cremated and the cremator carefully stokes the fire and manoeuvres wood and body parts as needed. Whilst this process happens, mourners chat and cry around the ceremony. Life around the cremation goes on with wood gathers continuing to fish out burned reusable logs from the river, children play in the banks and tourist gather to watch.